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Uber, Lyft and Metro are all contributing to make traffic even worse

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Petula Dvork from the Washington wrote a great article this morning dicussing one of the biggest issues facing the DMV as our population only continues to grow. Traffic is getting out of control!!!

Traffic in Washington — always choked at rush hour — is unquestionably getting worse. The nightmare is being fueled, in part, by thousands of Uber users and Lyft lovers who are ditching public transportation and putting thousands of additional cars on the road in the process.

And who can blame them? Metro stinks these days. Uber and Lyft are often cheaper than public transportation, and the 135,000 daily riders who have left Metro are going to ride in something. Do the math. Be afraid.

Uber and Lyft, cities are finding, are not killing off taxis and keeping personal cars off the streets, as many had feared or maybe hoped when they started almost a decade ago.

The researchers asked folks in cities across America how they would travel if they couldn’t use the magic apps that make cars appear before them.

They found that “a majority (61%) of trips would have not been made at all.” Or, back-seat barons confessed, they would’ve made their trips “by walking, biking, or transit.”

So what is going to happen? Is anyone going to do anything about this?

Well metro has acknowledge the problem. Metro officials see it, too. Officials announced a study this week to try to crystal-ball our commuting future in light of the 135,000-a-day exodus.

This future is even scarier in light of a growing population of public-transit-phobes. Because the driverless cars that the on-demand crowd will love are coming faster than those flying cars Dr. Emmett Brown had promised Marty McFly. And that means the traffic forecast is an even bigger horror, with a chance of torment.

Until Metro runs their studies and comes up with a better plan. Who knows what is going to happen!! But for now traffic will continue to get worse.