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Top 10 Bethesda Maryland Restaurants

Top 10 Bethesda Maryland Restaurants

Today, I want to talk about my top 10 restaurants. I challenge all of you to give me negative comments, ’cause I know they’re coming.

Number 10: True Food Kitchen. It’s good, it’s healthy, it’s clean, it’s new, check it out, love their food.True Food Bethesda

Number 9: Sushiko, if you’re a sushi lover, you gotta go check it out. Food’s excellent, I love it over there. Shushiko

Number 8: Persimmon American Bistro. Check it out, great place, the owner’s a local guy, he’s been around forever, I highly recommend it. Persimmon American Bistro

Number 7: BrickSide. Love it, food’s okay, but the bar hangout scene is phenomenal, I love the vibe, great spot. If you’re going for drinks in Bethesda, going on a date, you gotta check it out, BrickSide. Brickside

Number 6: I’m a big steak guy, love it. Got a lot of good options in the area, but I’ve always been a fan of Morton’s. Absolutely love Morton’s, you gotta check it out. Phenomenal, phenomenal steak. Mortons Bethesda

Number 5: My favorite happy hour in Bethesda, absolutely love it over there. I’m a big Mexican food guy, but Uncle Julio’s is phenomenal. Gotta check it out for happy hour, phenomenal specials, phenomenal food, phenomenal drinks. Fantastic swirled margarita. Uncle Julio’s Bethesda

Number 4: Benihana, yes, it’s for children’s birthdays, but I love their food. The fried rice is phenomenal. I’m a little bitter they got rid of the Yummy Yummy sauce, which was spectacular, but the food there is still awesome. If you haven’t been, you gotta check it out. Benihana Bethesda

Number 3: Tasty Diner in Bethesda is absolutely, it is a trademark. I can’t even tell you how many times that I’ve been there. That place is just a part of the fabric of this community, and absolutely amazing food. I love it there, I know you do too. Tasty Diner, number three. Tastee Diner

Number 2: Woodmont Grill. Um, my wife’s gonna kill me for it not being number one, it was actually the place of our first date, so this has some sentimental value. But Woodmont Grill, absolutely great place, love their food, love the bar, love the vibe. And, I love you, sweetie. Woodmont Grill

Number 1: place to go eat, in all of Bethesda, is Pines of Rome. I think it’s the best pizza that I’ve ever had, I absolutely love Pines of Rome. It is phenomenal, it’s been a Bethesda staple forever, you gotta go grab the cheese and tomato, or the white pizza, spectacular eats.