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NEW Battery Lane Apartments


More than 50 years ago, Brown Development built six garden-style rental apartment buildings along Battery Lane.  In an area in Downtown Bethesda known as Battery Lane District. As these aging buildings approach the end of their useful life, Brown is beginning to prepare for the future.

Redevelopment plans are scheduled in phases to occur over the next 15 years. Brown plans to redevelop these properties to create six new, modern apartment buildings. The introduction of these all-new residential properties in downtown Bethesda, along with considerable improvements to the streetscape and open spaces, will fashion Battery Lane into one of the most beautiful and livable residential urban-edge neighborhoods in Bethesda.

The project has been comprehensively designed to implement the Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan goals and Design Guidelines. The design envisions expanding upon the existing neighborhood assets to create a strong identity for Battery Lane District, enhancing access and connectivity, and contributing to the overall quality of life for a vibrant, safe and healthy community.

The Phasing Plan

 The order of phasing is not set. Phasing will be flexible and will be determined by operational factors and market opportunities as the redevelopment plans are implemented.

These may be the anticipated redevelopment phases, which may be changed from time to time:

  • Phase 1: Site A – 4857 Battery Lane (Glen Wood)

  • Phase 2: Site E – 4998 Battery Lane (Glen Dorra)

  • Phase 3: Site C – 4890 Battery Lane (Glen Brook) & 4900 Battery Lane (Glen Mont)

  • Phase 4: Site D – 4949 Battery Lane (Glen Lane)

  • Phase 5: Site B – 4858 Battery Lane (Glen Aldon)

Please note, construction on the first phase will not begin until 2021, dependent upon approval by the Montgomery County Planning Department. The dates and timing of each phase will be explicitly communicated as they become available.

Today, Brown/Aldon owns and manages 806 apartments across its properties along Battery Lane and Wisconsin Avenue. The redevelopment will include only 477 of those apartments. The apartments located at 5015 Battery Lane, as well as nearby 8200 Wisconsin Avenue, are NOT included in the redevelopment plans. These will be retained as market-rate affordable units