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How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar in 5 steps

My brother and I are selling my home this year and we wanted to share with you our 5 step process for getting a home ready to sell. We repeat this process on every home without fail and it has made us hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you follow this process you will sell your home faster and for more money.


The two Ds, debris and declutter.  You need to throw away all your trash, get everything out of the house that you can, and you gotta declutter it to the maximum ability.


Prepare for any renovations, work,  or fixes that will be done.  These things might include painting, drywall work, installing next fixtures, etc.   Make sure to lay down tarp to cover any furniture that’s going be there. You need to make sure that the contractors are going to have access to all the walls.


CURB APPEAL.  It is absolutely key to make sure your house looks great from the outside if you want to sell for top dollar.   It sets the mood for all the buyer showings.   If you wow the buyer before they ever get into the house it goes a long way.


STAGING. I can’t stress this enough. I know everybody loves their furniture, but it does help. You want less, less is more. But you need to have furniture in there because people have an issue with the concept of space. They walk into an empty bedroom and then they think that it’s much smaller than it actually is. They’re like, “Oh, would a queen or a king “even fit in here?” Well, the answer’s usually yes, but they can’t see it.


Fifth and final thing that you need to do is have a deep cleaning from maids. Not just from you, you need to pay a maid service to come in and do a detailed deep cleaning of countertops, bathroom, grout, dusting, the whole thing, to make sure that house looks perfect so that you can sell for the most money.