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The Future of North Bethesda MD

Eight mixed-use buildings, 2,000 residences proposed in White Flint area

More than 2.5 million square feet of development pitched along Montrose Parkway

A new proposed project in the White Flint area could bring more than 2.5 million square feet of new development and 2,063 residences in eight buildings, according to Montgomery County Planning Board documents.

The project, called “Rose Village,” was submitted by Washington Science Joint Ventures, and would be built along Montrose Parkway.

Included in the initial project plans is up to 2.1 million square feet of residential development and 415,484 square feet of commercial development.

But this is only the Beginning for North Bethesda…

The Montgomery County Council approved the White Flint 2 Sector Plan in December 2017 and was later adopted by M-NCPPC in January 2018.

The Plan recommends up to 6,000 new residential dwelling units, primarily focused along Rockville Pike, the Executive Boulevard office park and some areas east of the CSX rail tracks.

White Flint 2 Sector Plan is 547 acre area projected to add about 700 people by 2020, and about 2,500 people by 2040.

Rock Spring Center Master Plan

Arrowstreet developed a master plan for a 1.2 million-square-foot mixed-use development in the Washington, DC suburb of Bethesda. Located at the intersection of the Beltway and busy Route 270, the site includes space for a future light-rail connection to create a transit-oriented development. Low retail buildings facing Rock Spring Drive along the south side create an approachable pedestrian scale, backed by a denser center core of retail and hotel space surrounding a central dining and entertainment plaza. Large scale office and housing buildings further vary the mix of uses. Carefully planned open spaces and tree-lined roadways preserve a green-space experience throughout the entire development.

4,616 residential units in plan.


The Grand (VOB Development) at Old Georgetown Road & Grand Park Ave

Old Georgetown Road & Grand Park Avenue is a new condominium and office tower development

by VOB Development. When completed, there will be a total of 1,000 new condominium units.

Building 1

Maximum of 44,528 square feet of nonresidential, a maximum of 432 residential units, and maximum height of 262 feet for the eastern wing and a maximum height of 229 feet for the western wing of the tower.

Building 2

Maximum of 30,429 square feet of nonresidential, a maximum of 305 residential units, and maximum heights of 218 feet and 187 feet.

Building 3

Maximum of 30,476 square feet of nonresidential, a maximum of 285 residential units, and heights stepping down from a maximum of 179 feet in the northeast corner to 148 feet in the northwest corner, to 127 feet in the southeast corner and `100 feet in the southwest corner.

White Flint Mall

5.22-million square foot development will include 2.87 million square feet of 55 percent residential uses – 2,500 residential units – and 45 percent non residential with two 250 foot tall office towers, six 200 foot tall buildings, eight 100 to 140 tall buildings, retail and public uses.

The envisioned 25 year development  project was delayed due to litigation resulting in the August 14, 2015 court ruling that White Flint owed Lord & Taylor $31 million for lost profits due to breach of contract.


Wildwood Manor Shopping Center

10401 Old Georgetown Road on 3.49 acres.

106,000-square-foot building with apartments, retail shopping, and underground parking.

15 percent of the residential units will be moderately priced dwelling units.



Saul Centers White Flint

Two Buildings planned for 5541 Nicholson Lane

Two up to 300 foot tall residential towers

Three Buildings planned for 1503 Rockville Pike

Two up to 300 foot tall residential towers

One TBD foot tall commercial tower

Up to 1.43 million sq. ft. of residential development and up to 205,000 sq. ft. of non-residential development on 9.42 gross acres.



East Village at North Bethesda Gateway

Up to 1.26 million square feet of non-residential development and up to 1.07 million square feet of residential development.

East Village will eventually have 614 residential units in two buildings,  each with six floors, and ground floor retail near White Flint.


Gables White Flint

Up to 476 residential dwelling units and 31,000 square feet of non-residential development in three buildings on approximately 5.14  acres.


North Bethesda Market II

Up to 470 residential dwelling units and 175,260 square feet of non-residential development.

Phase One

Phase One will consist of the following:

  1. Building A at the corner of Executive Boulevard and Rockville Pike will be up to 60 feet high, and contain 41,000 square feet of non-residential floor area;
  2. Building B has two options:
    1. a)  Option 1: Building B will be 150 feet high and contain approximately 7,000
      square feet of retail on the ground floor and up to 85,000 square feet of
      residential use above (up to 80 dwelling units) for a total of 92,000 square feet.
    2. b)  Option 2: Building B will be a 50-foot high, 18,000-square-foot retail building
      without residential units above.
  3. Building C along Rockville Pike will be 70 feet high and contain approximately 23,750
    square feet of non-residential floor area;
  4. Building E with 67,260 square feet of existing non-residential space will be retained;
  5. Structured parking for Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Two will consist of a 300-foot high, 407,000-square-foot residential building (Building D) with up to 390 units and approximately 25,250 square feet of retail space at the corner of Nicholson Lane and Woodglen Drive, structured parking for approximately 361 parking spaces, and a public amenity terrace on top of the parking garage. Phase Two will complete the vehicular and pedestrian circulation in and around the Site for all three phases.

Phase Three

Phase Three (Building E) will add 81,268 square feet of non-residential development to the existing non-residential building (11333 Woodglen Drive) at the corner of Executive Boulevard and Woodglen Drive for a total of approximately 148,528 square feet of non- residential floor area at this location (office and retail).


North Bethesda Town Center Parcel G

Up to 294 residential units, including 37 MPDUs on 1.8 acres.

Ourisman Ford Site Near Westfield Montgomery Mall

10401 Motor City Drive Bethesda, MD 20817 on 4.08 acres.

75-foot-tall building with 343 unit apartment complex that includes 43 moderately priced dwelling units and 50,000 square feet of retail.

Twinbrook Quarter

The 18 acre Twinbrook Quarter site is just 600 feet from the Twinbrook metro, and is four times bigger than the now struggling Rockville Town Center.

The 18 acre Twinbrook Quarter site is just 600 feet from the Twinbrook metro, and is four times bigger than the now struggling Rockville Town Center.

Twinbrook Quarter will feature 1,865 residential units, and 11 massive buildings with some as tall as 200 feet in height. Wegman’s will be the anchor tenant and required for build out to commence. A one acre central park is part of the proposed site design.

City of Rockville Councilmember Feinberg used the word ‘crisis’ to describe the public reaction to the City’s proposal to increase school overcrowding under the Adequate Public Facilities Standard (APFS) school test from the currently permissable 120 percent to 150 percent overcapacity at the request of B.F. Saul for an exemption.

Cabin John Village

7919 Tuckerman Ln, Potomac, MD 20854

on 25.32 acres.

Phase One

48 townhouses  of which 6 will be moderately priced dwelling units.

Phase Two

32,000 square feet of retail and office space.

Phase Three

11 townhouses adjacent to Coddle Harbor Lane.

Bethesda North Marriott

5701 Marinelli Road on 4.7 acres.

The hotel currently has 450 rooms and a two-story, 96,645-square-foot conference center. There are 777 parking spaces on the property, including 30 garage parking spaces.

Pike & Rose Phase II

Up to 645,976 square feet of residential development, or 569 units, and up to 1,122,960 square feet of non-residential development on approximately 13.21 gross acres.

Strathmore Square

1.9 million square foot development with 2,000 residential units

seven or more buildings

two 300 foot tall building

one 220 foot building

on six parcels of land

14.6 acres

Strathmore Square plans feature a gathering place at the center of the site for the neighborhood and the existing communities nearby so that Strathmore Square can become an active gathering place for everyone. Our vision for the Civic Green would provide the potential for bistros, small retail amenities and classrooms that open into the square.

​Strathmore Square will feature about 1.5 acres of neighborhood park space. Our vision for the park would feature open green space, active recreation space, trees and native landscaping and places to sit and relax. Less than a quarter-mile south is Rock Creek Park.

​Strathmore Square will feature a network of connected paths that provide a pleasant walking experience between Strathmore and the Metro.

Rock Spring Master Plan (Westfield Montgomery Mall)

Four phase project at

Westfield Montgomery Mall

7101 Democracy Boulevard Bethesda MD 20817 is to transform about one third of Montgomery Mall that sits on 59 acres.

670 apartments, health club, 300,000 of retail space plus a 150 foot tall hotel.

90 foot tall building that includes theater

150 foot tall apartment or multi-use building with residential use.

Grosvenor Strathmore Minor Area Master Plan

The 1992 Plan called for 1,403 dwelling units to be built on the Metro parcel. Since then, 858 units have been built in the following residential developments on the original WMATA parcel: Meridian at Grosvenor Station (Meridian); Avalon at Grosvenor Metro (Avalon); and Strathmore Park Condominiums (Strathmore Park).

There are 787 multifamily units, 67 percent of which are occupied by renters compared to 34 percent countywide. Of the total number of rental units, 88—or 11 percent—are Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDUs). The two multifamily buildings in the area, Meridian and Avalon, provide 8 percent and 13 percent MPDUs, respectively. Symphony Park, has 112 townhomes and 15 percent, or 17 units, are MPDUs.

The census tract has a population of approximately 3,573 people.

Twinbrook Sector Master Plan

The Twinbrook Sector Plan area lies within the City of Rockville’s Urban Growth Area and includes land that abuts the City’s current boundaries.

This redevelopment plan for the Twinbrook Metro Station area contains the text and supporting maps of the Twinbrook Sector Plan. It is a comprehensive amendment to the approved and adopted 1992 North Bethesda/Garrett Park Master Plan. It also amends The General Plan (On Wedges and Corridors) for the Physical Development of the Maryland-Washington Regional District Within Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, as amended, the Master Plan of Highways within Montgomery County, as amended, and the Master Plan of Bikeways, as amended.

The Plan makes recommendations for land use, urban design, environment, transportation, and community facilities to be implemented through zoning that is intended to guide development.

6000 Executive Boulevard

Proposed mixed-use project with up to 927,420 square feet of total development, with up to 556,452 square feet of commercial uses and up to 741,936 square feet of residential uses.

One 50 feet height building and two towers, one at 150 feet in height and the second at 200 feet in height. 364 units of which 15 percent will be moderately priced.

Building A is designed to evoke the residential character of the neighboring single-family homes. The main building mass will be broken into three sections, with an overhang and the lobby entrance at the east end, a heavily articulated middle section with stoops, and a smaller, more vertically oriented skin at the west to terminate the visual axis from the north entry. On the south side, the building will be divided into three wings articulating from the main structure at a 50-foot height, with private open space sitting between the wings on top of the parking deck. Elements such as bays and balconies will reinforce the residential character of the building. Building A will have approximately 131 age restricted units.

Proposed Building B will also be an active-adult, age-restricted residential building for ages 62+ with a maximum height of 150 feet, approximately 233 age-restricted units, and both underground and above-grade structured parking.

Proposed Building C will be an “iconic” office/retail tower at the prominent northeast corner of the site with a maximum height of 200 feet.