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The Best Coffee Shops in Bethesda

Need your morning coffee? Looking for that afternoon caffeine boost? Or just too clutch a hot mug of java to thaw out?

Here are the best coffee shops in Bethesda.

Quartermaine Coffee Bethesda (4817 Bethesda Ave. in Bethesda)

The coffee is great. Whether it’s an Americano, latte, good old filter, or whatever, it’ll probably taste amazing. I can best describe their coffee as very full in flavor. I’m no connoisseur, though, despite my too-frequent consumption of fine caffeinated beverages.  They also have very reasonable prices (A hell of a lot cheaper than Starbucks!).  For my money its the best coffee in Bethesda.

Quartermaine Coffee Roasters makes its home in Rockville, Maryland. Committed to providing its customers with fresh, flavorful, locally-roasted coffee, Quartermaine has long since established itself as the favorite specialty coffee roaster in the Washington, DC area.

To ensure its supply of great tasting coffee, Quartermaine’s owners maintain close relationships with specialty coffee farms and estates throughout the world’s growing regions. Carolyn, Roger and Steve Brown, Quartermaine’s Coffee Specialist, make regular buying and tasting trips to various countries to personally select Quartermaine’s top grade arabica coffees.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters (7475 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, MD 20814)

Great coffee that you can actually taste.  While interior seating is closed due to the pandemic, a lovely covered courtyard offers plenty of tables, space, shade and fresh air.  When it opens up it will be one of the best cafes in Bethesda Baristas know what they are doing with espresso drinks and if you like to change things up from time to time the seasonal specials are just the ticket.

Ceremony puts a ton of thought and effort into their seasonal coffee offering. With producers and importing partners all over the world, we source super-fresh, super-clean, 85+ point coffees with loads of sweetness and character. Then our roasting team gets to work on a tireless pursuit to develop roast profiles and blend ratios that highlight the best of every coffee.

Clove & Cedar Coffeebar (4918 St Elmo Ave Bethesda, MD 20814)

I stopped by for the first time a few mornings ago to try their cherry blossom special. They’re pick up only and have arranged a pick up/order table right inside the front door. They have some limited outdoor seating in front of the store which is nice. The latte was floral and flavored with roses and cherry. I ordered at the door and my order was filled promptly, although ordering online for pick up is also an option. Overall a very pleasant experience.

Clove & Cedar Coffeebar with the mission of shining a spotlight on local businesses and community endeavors, and also offering a welcoming spot for folks to relax, work or meet a friend.  The name, Clove & Cedar Coffeebar, was inspired by the specialty coffee industry’s lexicon to describe coffee’s delicate tastes and aromas. Ceremony Coffee, the core offering for Clove & Cedar, roasted in nearby Annapolis, elevates the coffee experience with its intricate tasting notes. Similar intentionality is woven through every part of Clove & Cedar: each wholesale partner was consciously selected for its high-quality food and drink and almost all of these independent businesses started right here in the DMV.  Clove & Cedar is also environmentally conscious, partnering with a local composting company to reduce waste.

Philz Coffee (7247 Woodmont Ave Bethesda, MD 20814)

Coffee I go out of my way for. Truly hand crafted — every cup. Excellent variety of roast levels. Ordering on the app is such a fun experience! Seeing who is hand crafting your beverage, when they start and finish, etc. This place does an excellent job of showing their commitment to limiting the spread of COVID-19. Wish there were more locations!

At Philz every cup begins with our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.  Philz is dedicated to the future of the coffee industry, coffee farming communities, and our upstream supply chain partners. From the stores we build to the products we serve, Philz guarantees that responsible sourcing is at the heart of every decision we make.

Lilit Cafe (7921 Old Georgetown Rd Bethesda, MD 20814)

One of the best Cafes in Bethesda! But also one of the best Bethesda coffee shops.

Highly recommend this wonderful restaurant.  Their menu is so diverse it’s hard to choose among the many amazing options and the coffee is GREAT!   I can’t wait to go here again.

Dolcezza Bethesda (7111 Bethesda Ln Bethesda, MD 20814)

Dolcezza in Bethesda has always had the best coffee in Bethesda, but for the longest time, seemed very poorly managed.  Lately, it’s turned around.  The staff is friendly and attentive and the place seems better kept in general.  I have been visiting there a lot more lately.

Dolcezza offers at least 4 single origin coffees and 1 decaf coffee, receiving fresh roasted beans every Wednesday and featuring 2 different brewing methods. For those on the go we serve a coffee of the day brewed on a Fetco brewer, and for those with a little more time, we offer 4 single origin coffees using a Chemex coffee brewer, delivering a more nuanced, full body coffee.

There specialty though is the Hunapu espresso, like many of our coffees, has been a collaboration between Sey Coffee Roasters and Dolcezza. The coffee is grown in Antigua, Guatemala at an altitude of 1500-2000 meters above sea level. It is washed-processed, which allows elegant and clean notes to be pronounced in every cup.