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Thinking about selling this Spring? Looking for some ways to add value to your home before it hits the market?
Larry breaks down 5 easy kitchen updates for you that are sure to add value to your home and make it stand
out to buyers this Spring.

Larry brings you the latest updates on all of the new developments currently in progress AND a developments that
have yet to break ground.

Jack brings in his Mom (the Hurricane Expert) to provide some tips for preparing for Hurricane Florence.

The Gibbons Group presents Episode 1 of our newest video series: Real Estate 101. In each episode we will break
down an integral piece of a typical real estate transaction, and make sure that after you’ve watched you
have a better understanding of exactly what to expect when you buy, sell, or rent a home. Today’s episode
deals with contingencies. We cover the FOUR contingencies that we see most often in our business: 1) Home
Inspection 2) Financing 3) Appraisal 4) Home Sale Still have questions after watching? Visit our website
at for more information and more great content.

In Episode 2 of Real Estate 101 Jack Maestri covers 5 Ways to Lose a Home, and more importantly how to AVOID
losing that home. After that, Jack takes a look at the most recent news and stats concerning rising interest
rates, including what is driving the rate increases and how it impacts you as a home buyer/seller.

On today’s episode of Real Estate 101 Larry Gibbons breaks down FIVE questions you should ask your realtor before
you hire them. For more content check out our website

Happy Halloween everyone! On today’s episode of Real Estate 101 Larry debunks the myth that buying or selling
a home is a scary process, giving his thoughts on why people might be unnecessarily spooked. WE DO NOT OWN

The June Housing Report is out, what do the numbers tell us?

The June Housing Report is out and sales were way down this month. Find out what that means for buyers and sellers

What will you actually make if you sell your home?

What you sell your home for is not what you will walk away with. Learn more in this video.

2018 Mid-Year Review

National and local trends, statistics, and outlooks for the second half of 2018 with an eye towards 2019. Great
information for residents, buyers, and sellers!

Amazon Update 6-29-18

NY Post releases an Amazon Update and possible announcement date.

3410 Taylor Coming Soon

iPhone 10 Giveaway

This Holiday Season The Gibbons Group is giving away an iPhone 10.

Live Update from The Parks at Walter Reed

October Hot Topic

Happy Halloween from the Gibbons Group! Today we are talking about the three scariest things in real estate for
buyers and sellers, and how to manage them! Enjoy the holiday and stay safe!

Hot Topic #3

On today’s Hot Topic video we break down the benefits of buying versus renting. For more LIVE Hot Topic videos
make sure to LIKE The Gibbons Group on Facebook!

7009 Deep Creek Video

Hot Topics #2

Hot Topics #1